SAP ERP Business One Auto Parts Customer – Fenva

Xinjiang Fenva (Fenghuashenzhou) Auto Parts benefits from ERP management software to increase greatly in inventory turnover, accuracy, employee efficiency etc.

MTC helped Xinjiang Fenva (Fenghuashenzhou) Auto Parts Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as the Company) build their corner stone ERP management software, a real-time analysis and control platform integrating finance and business built upon SAP ERP Business One, Version for SAP HANA, which multiplies the operating efficiency.

Customer profile:

Brand auto parts and accessories provider for the automotive aftermarket. Excellent reputation on own three major brands –WXQP, Checkstar & Uniflow, the Company has been working closely with many globally renowned auto parts brands. With business footprints covering China, five countries in Mid-Asia, Russia and East Europe, the Company’s market share in Mid-Asia has reached over 30%.

By the implementation of SAP Business One enterprise management system, the integrated storage management and supply chain coordination software, the Company became the first innovative enterprise in the industry that had adopted the “information flow mode of auto parts”.

Xingjiang Fenva (Fenghua) Auto parts, SAP ERP Business One customer

China NEEQ Listed

By virtue of the high degree of integration, strong ductility and financial rigorousness of SAP Business One, we take SAP ERP as our basic core management software and integrate it directly with business software such as
Warehouse Management System (WMS), Third Party Logistics (3PL) and bank-enterprise interface, so that the operating efficiency of data can be directly converted into the operating efficiency of enterprise.
Ting Li
Director of Information Department
Xinjiang Fenghuashenzhou Auto Parts Co., Ltd.


The company gains remarkable return by implementing SAP ERP Business One.

  • Inventory accuracy raised above 99%
  • Achieved goods delivery within 24 hours
  • Inventory turnover rate increased to 10 times/year from 2.5~3 times
  • employee effectiveness increased 300%