SAP ERP Business One Farming Industry

SAP Business One Best Practice ——MTC Planting Industry Solution

MTC agricultural planting solution is an information management platform tailored for agricultural planting enterprises.


Agriculture is to the national economy what planting industry is to agriculture. To maintain the sustainable and healthy development of planting industry is of great significance to the national economy. China’s planting industry is right in the transition from traditional to modern mode. To accelerate the change of developing mode of plant industry, and to fuel the development of modern planting industry, is a historical task which is of great importance and urgency.

Agricultural planting industry is usually featured by long production cycle, an operation structure which is easily impacted by environmental factors, low informatization level of production and management, products’ incompetent innovation ability as well as rapid circulation because of short expiry date, and the homogeneous competition within the industry. Given the defects therein before, agricultural enterprises are developing toward the direction of incorporation, industrialization and cross-industrial diversification by means of conglomeration, merger and joint-stock restructuring, etc. The gradually expanding business scope and the ever-extending industry chain demand higher integration and efficiency, thus a complete, effective, real-time and transparent management platform will enhance enterprises’ business acumen and competence to a great extent.


MTC agricultural planting solution is an information management platform tailored for agricultural planting enterprises. It is built upon SAP Business One platform and combined with MTC’s rich IT implementation experience in planting industry. Having absorbed more than 40 years of successful experience in enterprises’ information management, this solution is applicable for growing enterprises within agricultural planting industry both domestic and abroad.

It helps you establish a global management platform for production management, cost control, performance management, inventory management, quality tracing, business process and real-time analysis functions, etc. The solution achieves the following goals to make you grow:

  • Rearrange the process of planting enterprises and efficiently integrate the business sections of the entire industry chain to acquire a replicable management mode.
  • Establish real-time data sharing system to achieve a virtuous cycle of the entire industry chain from seedling care to sales.
  • Realize business-critical points control and enhance operation efficiency through transparent information management platform.
  • Real-time & accurate reporting and data analysis allowing the management to get information like cost, profit and sales volume, etc. in time, evade risks and increase benefits.
  • Realize the agricultural products safety and quality traceability system for the entire industry chain, and guarantee the products’ quality.
  • Shorten the sales cycle, respond to customers quicker by using a single, unified mobile platform.
  •  Seamless integration with 3rd party system by using stable & flexible SAP platform support.


MTC agricultural planting solution focuses on solving the painpoints of planting industry management.

  •  Integrated Management Platform: put through all links (e.g. seedling care, plants growing, plants picking & collection, processing, packaging, and sales) of the entire industry chain, and realize the process carding of the entire business cycle.
  •  Various Production Modes: support corporation & base & farmer, corporation & base and many other production modes. Support multi-variation products cultivation management.
  •  Accounting System: multi-dimensional accounting of cost and personnel performance of the entire business cycle.
  •   Cost and Profit Analysis: Analyze cost and profit composition of the entire business cycle.
  • Quality Management: do the defects analysis strictly based on the base, batch & product management system.
  • Planning Management: better the virtuous cycle of planting planning management, operation management. Inventory analysis and sales prediction. Ensure the freshness and low loss of food.
  • Quality Traceability: establish real-time & accurate safety and quality traceability system of the entire food industry chain.
  •  Business-Critical Points Management: management of purchasing, seedling care, cultivation, irrigation, fertilization, vaccination, inventory, sales deduction rate, etc.
  • Acquire real-time & accurate business data, and provide managers with all-round & multi-perspective data analysis for decision making.


  • Integration
  • Seamless integration between business units
  • Integration of financial and business
  • Integration of business and workflow
  • Integration of system and 3rd party software
  • Integration of master data, documents and reports between business units


  • Growth of new business
  • Growth of new process
  • Growth of new process details
  • Improvement of process details
  • Manageability
  • Configurability
  • Monitoring
  • Planning
  • Measurability


By using MTC agricultural planting solution, you will get the following benefits:

  •  Put through the business flow of the entire industry chain from seedling care to sales, and achieve the lean management that integrates finance, purchasing, sales, production, inventory and other business units.
  • Establish a well-rounded, regulated, accurate and coordinated information management platform. Enhance operation efficiency and make business with good expand-ability and replicability.
  • Lean analysis of production efficiency that dives into in/output & personnel performance of every single base, production phase, product or batch.
  •   Accurate & scientific cost and profit accounting system that provides multi-dimensional and composition analysis over the cost and profit of each single product, base, and production phase.
  •  Realize the “three-tier” quality traceability system of the entire planting industry chain. Real-time inquiry and feedback available of information like seedlings, fertilizers, drugs and vaccines applied in planting.
  •   Build a highly efficient cycle of sales prediction, planting planning and inventory management that is able to increase turnover rate and reduce wastage. Secure enterprises with higher ROI and lower risks.
  • Real-time planning & report & analysis, make the business processes more transparent and management decisions more scientific.

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