SAP ERP Business One Trade & Distribution Industry

Management challenges faced by the foreign trade sector

Changing market, changing policy

Enhanced international competitive pressures, user demand even national policy changing requires foreign trade enterprises to respond quickly; suppliers, customers, government agencies, competitors are carrying out the construction of information technology, foreign trade enterprises must create a business platform with adaptation;

Complex business, monitoring difficulties

Frequent and changeable quotation need a complex calculation process, and how to quickly calculate the cost and profitability of benefit to business people to increase the number of workload and error-propel large number of documents jobs, documents strict matching, but also to meet customers and government departments in charge of the time limit, make the salesman caught in and exhausted.

Cost of capital, complex cash flow management

Foreign trade companies’ funds mainly come from financing. The payback period of foreign trade is long, while payment cycle to domestic suppliers is short. It is difficult to effectively manage the cost of capital. Bank financing Bills Management is complex. Poor communication may cause that financial sector loss of control of the flow of funds and flow.

Pressure of risk on course of trade

Lack of detailed and accurate data, data analysis and forecasting, decision-making cannot be good; leadership of the company is difficult to timely, dynamic master subordinate units of the Group’s financial position, capital position problem; due to above information cannot be timely and comprehensive understood by the leadership of the company, it is difficult to avoid the risk in the course of trade.

SAP wholessales and distribution

Main features of the program

Whole dynamic integrated management

Provide throughout the trading business process management. Provide online alarm and the definition of approval, the user can configure the workflow in the system. Improve the approval process, to ensure that the business operates in a timely manner controlled accurately and efficiently.

Comprehensive appraisal

Comprehensive customer and products evaluation system, comprehensive mining enterprise profits; performance appraisal from the contract, revenue, profits, and other multi-angle analysis, accurate, timely and fair and credible; the full-featured, powerful statistics use a variety of charts assist in the analysis;

Operation simple and convenient service

Processes are simple and clear, user-friendly interface, Integrated with Microsoft Office tools. The system’s unique ‘drag-and-drop’ technical can related information in different databases by only drag on the desktop, the click of a mouse can be done to a large number of complex business analysis activities.

Sales automation management

System has the SFA (sales force automation management). Including possible sales process management and opportunity management ( LEADS ) features.