SAP ERP B1 Print Sequence

How to print a series of documents in SAP ERP Business One

SAP Business One Print Sequence Use Case

Different companies have different rules for documents. For example, imagine that your customer’s sales process includes a document chain from Quotation, Sales Order, Delivery to A/R Invoice, and you need to print them out. Actually, rather than printing them out one-by-one, you may use Print Sequence to save your time in SAP Business One.

How to Set and Use Via SAP B1 Menu

Go to Administration > Setup > General > Report and Layout Manager and select the document on the list. Click Printing Segs and create a new sequence based on your need.


Then after you finish A/R Invoice and click File > Print Sequence, you may choose the sequences you need.


You may choose to print Invoice only, Invoice + Payment or Invoice and Payment in Succession. Also, you can preview a sequence of documents and send them by mail. Finally, all the related documents will show in the specified file.


source: MTC.US