How to Resolve What You See is NOT What You Get in Office (Word, Excel)

When what you see is NOT what you get, check these tips

“What You See Is What You Get” a.k.a WYSIWYG is taken for granted nowadays in Microsoft Office documents.

However, there is always exception. I got a help request that the user can’t print labels onto stickers correctly. After checking I found in Microsoft Word editor the margin is set to 1.1cm on page header but on printed copy it measures at 1.8cm.

In addition the user printed an Microsoft Excel sheet with 2 pages in print preview, results on printer is 3 pages. This is definitely against WYSIWYG rule.

After I check against the rules online like this guide, I found nothing wrong. There is also some post on Microsoft’s forum encountering the similar issue.

It turns out after tens of mins searching on web that the user need set scaling correctly either in Word editor or printer settings.

So there is where they are:

For Word documents with wrong margin on print copy:

Open Word>Choose Page Layout on the ribbon>Choose Paper>Print Options>Advanced>Print

Scroll down to “Scale Content for A4 or 8.5×11 inch paper size”. Thanks to this post.

For Excel sheets printed on pages more than that in preview, the scaling in printer causes the wrong layout:

After these 2 changes the user finally gets correct layout output.