SAP ERP Business One Manufacturing Industry

SAP manufacturing industry solution is a kind of great solution based on the platform of SAP Business one and launched by MTC.

Status and Characteristics of the Industry

Business booming, the enterprise management has put forward higher requirements. WTO face the internationalization of domestic competition is intense with each passing day, manufacturing enterprises in order to provide better products and services, the need for more rapid market response, and can continue to reduce operation cost. Enterprises to develop large, integrated supply and marketing network, to realize the collaborative commerce and supply chain expansion and optimization of. The enterprise supplier and customer management ability put forward very high requirements.


Manufacturing Industry Solution

SAP manufacturing  industry solution is a kind of great solution based on the platform of SAP Business one and launched by MTC.

The solution supports manufacturing planning, control and implementation in small and medium-sized manufacturing companies in different ways – as much as necessary and as little as necessary – exactly enough to ensure that the desired efficiency and flexibility are retained. The structure of the manufacturing order is at the centre of attention. It provides information at all times about the planning status implementation progress. Manufacturing orders from systems or machines with customer-specific adaptations can, for example, be drafted, planned, released and manufactured stepwise/overlapping.

  • Master Data enhanced for Logistics and Manufacturing
  • MRP and Production for different Strategies / Organizations
  • Rough Cut Capacity Planning
  • Detailed Planning (Pool Monitoring)
  • Quality Control
  • Precalculation
  • Concurrent and Postcalculation, Work in Progress

Program Features

•Managing enterprises’ master data, purchasing, sales, production, finance, inventory, and other sectors;

•Cross-company, cross-regional multi accounts, corporate joint management;

•Complete business-critical system management and control through system configuration;

•Develop related system integration by SDK;

•Help management analyze business through system reporting tools, Crystal Report and so on.

Value embodiment

•Standardize enterprise business management processes

•Improve business execution efficiency, control procurement / sales / inventory risk

•Real-time production reporting, accurate knowledge of the production , profit analysis reports, and timely information on market conditions and profit

•More accurate inventory and strict quality management

•More scientific costing accounting method, and accurate understanding of the product cost structure

•Cost accounting reduced form days to hours

•More quickly, accurate and detail financial reports, better financial reporting and analysis